Despite having 16 kids, nobody comes to see her. A 97-year-old woman earns a living through working…

After announcing in a video that she had 16 kids but that none of them ever visited her or showed any interest in her, a 97-year-old woman quickly became well-known on social media.

As soon as the tale was posted on TikTok, users filled the comment section with messages of sorrow for the woman. On a modest property in Mexico, 97-year-old Isabel Mendez Jimenez resides. Despite his senior age, he works all day to support his family.

Her 16 kids don’t reside in the village anymore and spend less time with their dad. Despite having 16 kids, I feel more alone than ever. I had eight girls and eight sons. All of them are now married and have forgotten about him.

My kids never came back after meeting people from other cities. He asserts that when I stay home alone, they take care of their family. Journalist Jamie Toral from Mexico released the account on social media in an effort to expose children to the woman’s depressing portrayal of everyday life.

His 23-year-old grandson is the relative that apparently pays her the most visits. People all across the world were moved by the story, which was initially published in the newspaper Nationen.

The woman sells fabric for tablecloths to make ends meet, but her job is getting harder every day because her eyesight has gotten poorer in recent years. The woman spends her days caring for a few cats, a little puppy, and other animals.

Isabel claims in the interview that cheese, meat, and a few other foods make up the majority of her diet. The video of her narrative, which gained popularity on social media, has more than 37 million views on TikTok, and numerous users have indicated a desire to get in touch with her and offer help.

We sincerely hope she receives the care she requires and, more significantly, that some of her children visit her again and spend time with her.

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