He was well known to the entire globe when he was just 8 years old because…

15 years ago, the world was shocked by an 8-year-old bodybuilder known as “little Hercules” (real name Richard Sandrak).

Because of his strong build, he became a popular news story.

At age 11, he was the strongest boy in the world for his age group. By the age of 23, “Little Hercules” has undergone substantial change. Now Richard can’t show off his cube presses or biceps.

Richard no longer goes to the gym at all. He lost weight, grew hair and a beard, and his belly shrank. He professes to be sick of hanging out and swinging in the gym.

Richard stopped competing in bodybuilding, but there was a much more significant factor. Paul, his father, is the focus.

When he was a child, he put a lot of pressure on his son to develop into a bodybuilder.

The father drew a lot of criticism for his treatment of his son. Richard’s mother’s husband, Pavel, was likewise incarcerated when he was 11 years old for beating her.

The individual has since cut his father out of his life and stopped playing sports out of disrespect for him.

Richard is currently working as a stuntman at Universal Studios Hollywood Waterworld.

He truly values what he accomplishes and is unwilling to assume his Hercules image again.

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