The admirers were taken aback by how beautiful Hollywood actress Roberts appears without makeup…

Recent paparazzi images of the “Pretty Woman” star made it impossible for anyone to remain indifferent.

Most of us are used to seeing our heroes as perpetually attractive, youthful, and personable.

But we must keep in mind that nothing lasts forever and that everyone and everything change with time. J. Roberts, a Hollywood movie star, is revered by countless people.

Recent paparazzi sightings of the “Pretty Woman” star allowed them to capture images of the actress and post them online.

Everyone was rendered dumbfounded by the shots because they were rarely anticipated. Fans were pleasantly delighted by the famous star.

The Hollywood diva’s absence of makeup and a hairstyle was fairly obvious, and to some extent, her appearance led to misunderstandings and arguments.

The iconic movie actress has undergone a complete transformation in the eyes of many admirers during the past few years.

Nothing on Earth, not even aging, according to her devoted followers, could tarnish her extraordinary beauty.

Some people believed she was acting morally correct when she steadfastly refused to get plastic surgery and opted to age naturally.

I wished I had looked this good in my fifties.

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