When he was only 2 years old, he created his very first artistic display, and the world is still in awe of his creations today…

There is no denying that certain people have artistic skill in their natural state. A strong understanding of art is still required, even though teaching may aid individuals in learning new techniques and skills.

A 16-year-old youngster who changed the world with his fantastic drawings is an illustration of this.

Dusan Krtolica, a well-known Serbian artist, was born in Belgrade. Everyone was amazed by the young boy’s artistic talent when he was just 2 years old.

Initially assuming he had a natural talent for drawing, his parents changed their minds after observing the caliber of his sketches and enrolled him in the painting and drawing program at Charlie Painting Studio. Zoran Cali, a well-known painter, gave him his first formal training in painting.

In addition to being a fantastic artist, Dusan is a master at conjuring up and portraying the beauty of the natural world.

Dusan is a gifted artist who can create anything he puts his mind to, but he especially loves to create images of the natural world and animals. The youthful prodigy authored and illustrated an encyclopedia of the prehistoric world when he was just 13 years old.

This young man has always created art because he finds it enjoyable. Even though he doesn’t view himself as an artist, he draws because he enjoys it.

I’ve never had trouble drawing; it just feels like playing a game to me. I really like it, Dusan said to Bored Panda. This little child has already taken part in six solo exhibitions in addition to countless group displays.

Dusan makes his artwork available to everyone on the earth through his Facebook profile. Also, he publishes his creations on a personal blog for social media promotion. Before modeling a thing, Dusan must fully comprehend it.

The illustrated encyclopedia project, one of his most prized accomplishments, had a significant impact on his life.

Dusan draws the basic composition before beginning the painting, paying close attention to how the lines interact with one another and accurately capturing angles and dimensions.

We would like to present a few series images from this artist’s collection because it is so intriguing to consider how this artist has changed throughout the course of his career.

The young man’s parents ought to be really happy that they produced and supported such a talented individual. Without a doubt, Dusan will keep making important contributions to the art world, and people will start to take notice of him.

The fact that this young man prefers to create new friends who appreciate his paintings over interacting with consumers is another indication of his good moral character.

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