This boy celebrates two birthdays each year and here is why…

The American couple Chris Skyne and Joni Reikenmayer went through something unusual.

Joni discovered that her unborn child had a major spinal problem and was in danger of being crippled when she was 19 weeks pregnant.

Future parents had two choices about the course of events: either accept a risky operation for the child, or leave things as it is.

They made the latter decision, which had unexpected results.

Before hearing the dreadful news, Joni and Chris were organizing a celebration to unveil the gender of the unborn child.

In the US, such gatherings are very well-liked. The soon-to-be parents went to the doctor for an ultrasound after the holidays.

They were certain of their infant’s immaculate health. But, something unexpected occurred at the doctor’s appointment.

The doctor broke the bad news to the couple: the child had a disease of the spine, which had harmed the child’s brain and spinal cord.

The infant’s “brain herniation” was caused by the vertebrae fracturing (a part of the brain that protrudes outward and is filled with fluid).

This condition causes the intestines, kidneys, and bladder to malfunction in addition to the full paralysis of the legs.

The parents sought treatment at other facilities because they did not want to accept a horrible diagnosis.

Yet even there, medical professionals confirmed that the crumbs had a harmful pathology.

The fate of the infant rested on a hasty choice that had to be made.

Joni and Chris decided on a complicated operation without giving it any thought.

The infant had to be extracted from the mother’s womb, the hernia had to be repaired, the brain and spinal cord had to be pumped of extra fluid, and finally the spinal defect had to be corrected.

The 19-week-old infant had to be put back in the womb following these incidents.

The woman’s 80% chance of giving birth prematurely was the primary risk.

Also, the surgeons lacked sufficient experience because they had never carried out such procedures at their center.

The procedure was carried out in spite of all the dangers.

In the operation room, 32 professionals were present.

The tiny infant, who weighed just 500 grams, was cleansed of all diseases and returned to the uterus.

The pregnant woman soon started having contractions, which the physicians were able to stop.

The infant “re-roots” itself in the uterus and carries on with its growth.

Via Caesarean section, the infant was delivered a second time.

The complicated operation was followed by ten weeks before the delivery.

Joni, her mother, was compelled to lie flat on her back the entire time.

But Joni was willing to put up with more for the sake of her cherished child.

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