“I just spend my money for groceries,” the Oxxo cashier explains. She has no choice but to buy the chocolates she offers…

Her weekly income of 800 pesos is primarily used for purchases at the store where she works. I don’t understand how somebody could be around food at work without being tempted.

The challenges of working in a store with the best products are something Alex Silva is all too familiar with. Many online consumers fell in love with her. With her recent charge that “I’m eating up anything I earn,” the attractive lady is once again making headlines.

The cashier boasted over 400,000 followers on her TikTok account and stated she didn’t know what to do with her life. My entire 800 peso monthly Oxxo paycheck was spent on groceries.

When she stated that she was paid 3,428 pesos per month as an employee, some readers argued that she was receiving a pittance.

The comparison with their entire social network advertising was the most significant.

With just 11 videos, the young woman racked up more than 35 million views. Also, she dons an Oxxo costume in each of her films, giving the company free advertising.

Due to her growing popularity as a model, we might see her in a variety of contexts over the upcoming months. What follows can be seen on her most recent video, which is no longer available:

“I want to hear from Oxxo why you’re still working here for such a pitiful wage.

Benefits to society are there? “I totally get it, I felt the same way,” or “I’ll give you some chocolates and a beverage to assist you,” are two examples. In any event, the charming and nice woman has a bright future because of how many people she has won over with her charm and attractiveness.

To see the thousands of views, uplifting comments, and never-ending likes that the videos have gotten, one only needs to visit Instagram or TikTok.

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