The daughters of “The Blue Lagoon” star, who didn’t inherit their mom’s otherworldly beauty, appear this way: “No elegance, no gloss.”

The angelically beautiful star of “The Blue Lagoon” revealed what her daughters look like.

Brooke Shields, a delightful model and well-known actress who first rose to prominence after the release of “The Blue Lagoon,” will always be remembered.

She was just 14 at the time, and it was difficult to resist falling head over heels in love with her otherworldly beauty.

Although Brooke has seen significant change throughout the years, she was once regarded as the Globe’s most attractive girl. Now that the star of “The Blue Lagoon” is 57 years old, it is more challenging to identify the talented actress.

The girls of the well-known actress from her second marriage to Ch. Henchy were widely believed to inherit their mother’s exceptional beauty.

Yet, as is evident, the girls’ father had considerably stronger genetics. No grace, no gloss, said the online community.

Many people immediately asserted that the woman ought to have selected a different man.

If only mom’s genes were stronger, they would appear to be completely ordinary. They also had no sign of their mother’s distinctive beauty from her youth.

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