The student was too overweight to select an outfit for herself, however…

Caitlin Smith, a native of the American city of Portland, was constantly made fun of by her classmates due to her weight.

She had probably never heard of the terms “fat woman” or “fat cow,” but she had heard them in her address.

The scales next to Caitlin indicated that she weighed 190 kg when she was a high school student.

Even though the girl was just 165 centimeters tall, this is what happened. Caitlin’s use of wits increased as the academic year came to an end.

Particularly upsetting were the remarks that she wouldn’t be able to find a prom dress for herself because such sizes don’t exist. The girl recognized she could not carry on living this way around a year before the prom.

She made a fist out of her will and started to drop weight quickly.

Parents employed a personal fitness trainer for Caitlin, who created a unique regimen of exercises and created the required diet.

The girl sweat profusely while working out six times per week, and it paid off. She was able to lose over 90 kilos in 15 months.

The girl had to continue remove extra skin after such a drastic weight drop, but this did not disturb her at all.

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