This man’s DNA test revealed a secret about his family, which no one knew about…

48-year-old Tony Vergas, who lives in the American city of Abilene, Texas, bought four sets of DNA testing for his wife, son, and daughter in 2018.

In order to assist one of his children who was experiencing mental issues, he wanted to understand more about his ancestry. He should have known, however, that these operations frequently cause partnerships to fall apart or divide life into before and after.

But, the individual also received a lot more intriguing information along with the results.

Although Tony always knew he had a mixture of bloodlines, Mexicans continued to dominate, and his father Robert was one as well. But he was in for a shock when the results were in and he finally saw the pedigree information.

He said, “I believed it was an error. — Among the forefathers, I observed Ashkenazi Jews. I believed the Germans, Swedes, and French had mistaken me for someone else when I saw them.

Vergas was quite perplexed by what he saw, so he called his mother Ray to clarify what it all meant. After a protracted period of being unable to speak coherently to her son, she finally wrote to him after the call to request a private conversation.

Tony unexpectedly learned the secret of his mother’s past after meeting with a parent. Early in their marriage, Robert received a summons to duty in Vietnam. After 18 months, the man finally went back home, and Ray was expecting. It was not his child.

My father needed a few days. Then he returned to her and said, “Hey, it didn’t work out the way I thought it would, but we’re married.”

He had previously moved in with his parents. We just won’t talk about it because I want to raise this child as my own, Vergas said.

After discovering the truth 46 years later, Tony started his own independent quest for his biological father. He registered on a genealogical website where he also passed a DNA test and joined every Facebook group related to that topic in order to do this.

Fortunately for him, discovering the answers was simpler than he anticipated. The name Rick Estrin was among the results he soon received. Vergas simply needed to locate his photo in the school album and compare it to himself.

Our faces were remarkably similar. Everything but hair, including cheekbones, eyes, and the nose.

After that, Tony informed his biological father in a letter that he was his son, and the two men eventually decided to have a meeting.

To Vergas’ astonishment, getting to know each other was more than successful—they spoke for more than three hours and clicked right away.

Since that time, Tony and Rick have remained close, and in 2019 Tony introduced Rick to his adopted father, Robert. The two also had a strong bond, which their son valued very much.

They are both here, and that makes me glad. I’m glad that despite all of this, my mom was able to speak the truth and cope with some very upsetting emotions from her past. Yet, I adore both her and them, Vergas said.

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