This baby was born weighing 7 kilos and here is how he looks after growing up…

The delivery of this unusual baby, who weighed more than 7 kilograms, caused a major commotion.

The biggest baby in history, K. Robert Clark, born in 1983, is shown here.

This unusual baby’s life story created a sensation and was soon the focus of contentious debates.

As she had other babies who were likewise enormous, the mother of this child genuinely expected the child to weigh a lot. She didn’t anticipate the boy to weigh this much, though. This sounds really ridiculous.

After they brought him home, it was quickly discovered that neither the crib nor the infant bed were big enough for him. Kevin was already 12 years old and 152 cm tall.

Finding appropriate clothing was the most difficult aspect of his upbringing, according to his parents.

His parents pushed that he participate in sports, particularly basketball, even after he was an adult. Yet he developed a greater interest in recreational pursuits like fishing and hunting.

He later joined the state police. At the age of 39, he weighs 136 kg and is taller than 190 cm. He dislikes being the center of attention because he is already weary of the jokes and criticism.

Regarding Kevin’s private life, he has found the love of his life and resides in a mansion. When he is asked «Do you play basketball?», he ironically replies with another question «Do you play mini gold?».

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