Identical twins born at different times of the year, month, and day… Here is how…

In the States, a strange thing happened. The mother gave birth to twins who arrived in different years and 15 minutes apart.

The twins did indeed arrive, but in separate years, months, and days.

The twins decided to enter the world just before the new year.

Although the parents knew they were having twins, they were unaware of the surprise their children had in store for them.

The boy was born on December 31, at 23:45, while the girl was born on January 1, 2022.

In 2022, Eileen is the first child to be born in this hospital.

“I find it so unusual that they are twins with separate birthdays,” the ecstatic mother noted.

The clinic staff members were also shocked by this happened.

The doctors were astounded as well, and they stated in their remarks that this extraordinary birth had been the only one in their extensive practice to date.

Of course, they had twins that were born at various times, but there was never a year-long difference in the birth times.

The three kids Fatima and Robert have are already two sons and two daughters.

The lady added that the child was looking forward to the family’s growth since he now had a brother.

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