Gerard Piqué has finally addressed Shakira’s sensational divorce by saying…

It appears that even the famous couple’s romance did not generate as much media attention as their split and the accompanying battle.

A football player and a singer’s relationship ended in the middle of the previous year. But all online users, including their followers, continue to just dream of peace.

Shakira’s song, in which the singer sharply chastised both the traitor and his current lover, was her most strident attack on the ex-lover.

Yet, Piqué has made the decision to remark on the “revenge song” after a protracted silence.

Gerard responded to the query regarding the controversial break-up with the singer by gently pointing out the artistic talent of his former.

After experiencing a number of significant life changes, the football player acknowledged in a recent interview with El Pas that he is extremely pleased.

And although if the athlete once more tried to act evasively and focused more on the value of parenthood and protecting his children, he nevertheless spoke a few moving things.

I want to be true to myself so that when I leave this world, I can look back and maybe see that I accomplished everything I set out to do. Piqué retorted, implying that he was not bothered by Shakira’s fans’ claims that he was a traitor. “I’m not going to spend money on cleaning up my image,” he said.

But, it is unlikely that this will be able to placate the incensed supporters.

Also, past instances have been noted. Recently, a Shakira fan-owned restaurant expelled Gerard and his 23-year-old partner.

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