This is how Matt Damon’s wife, who gave birth to three kids for him, looks now…

Hollywood actor Matt Damon, 52, is currently enjoying his greatest period of popularity.

He tried himself in a wide range of roles and film types, won numerous prizes, and won an Oscar.

The actress again won praise and prizes from the leading ladies in cinematography for writing the greatest script.

He dated Winona Ryder for a while and even got down on one knee for her, but their union was short-lived.

The actor fell deeply depressed and lost track of his love and personal relationships.

He put in as much effort as he could before meeting Luciana Barosso, an Argentine hit woman who was 46 years old.

Matt also looks for Luciana’s elder daughter from her first marriage in addition to their three daughters.

Together, they appear content. And that is the key.

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