The mother gave her six-year-old kid only nuggets to eat and here is why…

From the perspective of children whose parents are trying to adapt them from childhood to proper and healthy meals, Leslie Jones from Birmingham can look like the coolest mother in the world.

That’s because for the previous few years, Jessica, her 6-year-old daughter, has only eaten nuggets. Leslie warms up several packs of semi-finished items for the infant each day.

Yet, a lady who has two more children does this because tiny Jess can’t eat anything else, not because she is being controlled by a capricious daughter.

She could gladly eat a plate of vegetables as a child and enjoy porridge for breakfast, but at some point, all foods—aside from nuggets—started to make her throw up uncontrollably.

When Jessica was just a little over two years old, trouble started. Every time Leslie brought her child to the pediatrician, she was ignored. It is claimed that she creates problems from scratch and is ultimately to blame for the child’s diet of only chicken snacks.

Leslie did not anticipate what might occur while on vacation because the regular supermarket carrying the preferred brand of convenience foods was not close by. She was resigned to the fact that Jessica needed to continue being fed nuggets. This occurred while the family was on holiday in Turkey. Young Jessica was famished from the abundance of food provided and had nothing to eat.

Leslie hurried to the clinic with her daughter in her arms as soon as the Jones family arrived back in England. She saw a pediatric dietitian, who gave her the same advice she had previously received.

My daughter is merely fussy, the doctor repeated, and she will outgrow her dependence on nuggets soon. He verified that she is in perfect health after we passed the required exams. He didn’t notice any issues.

But Leslie was not going to give up, so she quickly got in touch with David Kilmurry, a professional in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy. To see him, the family had to travel 400 kilometers.

The doctor treated them at his Coventry clinic and accomplished what the Joneses had been unable to do for four years in just two hours. He identified the girl’s condition as selective eating disorder right away.

He played with her and talked to her for two hours during the hypnotherapy session before putting her under hypnosis. We tried to give her other fruits or something besides nuggets at the end of the session, but she refused.

On the drive home, we understood why we didn’t give up hope. Jessica requested me to purchase her a chicken fillet at KFC when we were there. It was a tiny win for us.

The parents repeatedly received requests from their daughter over the ensuing weeks to chop her an apple, share popcorn, and even taste grapes for the first time in her life.

Jessica began eating biscuits for breakfast and observed what the children in her prep group ate for lunch in order to follow their example.

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