A blonde guy from Yakutia and a lady from Nigeria had a son together and…

I brought my son home today and got to meet him. We have a fantastic baby boy!”

This odd couple is well-known to many people.

They are referred to as “chocolate-covered marshmallows” on media platforms. He is a blond man with blue eyes, and she is a stunning black girl.

Dmitry and Ruth were wed in 2018. The couple just welcomed a kid, but they haven’t yet revealed his name.

“The first night with the infant in the maternity hospital was wonderful. I was unable to fall asleep, and I kept staring at my son the entire time. He’s such a smart guy, I’m enamored with him,” Ruth gushed.

The mother and kid were also visited by friends and family. Champagne was consumed to mark the baby’s birth. The long-awaited discharge eventually arrived.

Ruth shared a sweet photo of her and her kid on social media on Mother’s Day. Almost immediately, her followers responded:

“The baby is completely white, but what about the color of mom’s skin?”

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