Here are some things that you did not know about Alain Delon…

When he was younger, Alain Delon wore military jackets to make it easier for him to remain warm when he traveled and encountered many pups. The 87-year-old French actor now runs five kennels for stray dogs and kittens.

I even produced a unique breed of dog myself, therefore I always have a lot of dogs living in my home. Dogs make me think of sick kids who are only ten or fourteen.”

Delon has resided in Switzerland for a while and is active with the canines there. When he learned that some sadists had doused a dog in gasoline in Piriney and set it ablaze, he sent for his veterinarian and even obtained a trial against the sadists.

The victim, a dog named Mambo, has never before been required to appear in court by a judge’s order. Even the dogs are being pushed to get their own attorneys by Alain Delon. The sadists, by the way, received very lengthy terms.

Alain Delon has had a lifelong love affair with dogs. He claims that Gala, a Doberman, was his first canine companion.

“One day I kicked her in the butt and yelled at her. She looked at me as she stood up. I noticed she was sobbing. Since then, I’ve discovered the solution, and my dogs are always happy.

“Dogs that are near homeless persons on the street usually make me feel touched. They don’t give a damn if their owner is a vagrant.

Like Mitterrand’s Labrador, who adores his master despite not knowing he is the president of the nation, they adore the guy as a parent.

Do you suppose my dogs are aware that I am Alain Delon? They are unconcerned! Despite not knowing who I am or what I do, my dogs adore me. This love is complete and sincere, without conditions, and without thought.

The Society for the Preservation of Animals is a group that Alain Delon belongs to. On his property, eight dogs are housed. There is also a cemetery where all 45 of his old pets are interred.

He constructed a church right in the center of this cemetery for dogs. And when that day came, after many petitions, he was given official approval to be buried there. This, according to him, is the pinnacle of luxury.

Alain Delon, however, is not solely concerned with dead animals. He is considerably more concerned with the living who endure suffering and pain.

And he’s prepared to take any means necessary, together with his pal Brigitte Bardot, to defend them!

One day, Alain Delon requested the assistance of a helicopter to rescue a cat whose paw had been severed while being tied to a vehicle. Currently, the three-legged cat and a three-legged rabbit both reside on his land.

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