Once, a man without a house spent the night at the airport. And now, many boys aspire to have a career like him…

The man claimed that his issues started right while he was in school. There was no secure upbringing for me, no parent nearby to provide for me.

I felt awful a lot of the time and didn’t pay attention to my schoolwork. Also, the school itself was somewhat run-down and underfunded.

Because none in Lawrence’s class would even complete their high school education, neither did they consider attending college.

I left school, giving up on my aspirations to work as an aeronautical engineer. I immediately started accepting freelancing gigs to make at least some money because I couldn’t do this.

The man’s apartment lease ended in 2012, leaving him without a place to live. Because Lawrence could not afford the new contract, he immediately started “couchsurfing,” or spending the night on sofas with friends and acquaintances.

It became evident that he was becoming less and less wanted over time. The man was hired as a janitor at the airport, but the pay was meager and the hours were unpredictable.

In order to at least be at work on time, I occasionally merely slept at the airport. When I could, I paid to spend the night in a hostel; otherwise, I slept on the streets or at airports.

The conclusion was obvious: working for a man while being homeless is not a viable option. He lost his work and started to feel hopeless.

Lawrence then learnt about Beam, a nonprofit organization that trains and hires homeless people. The man made the decision to become one of the fund’s wards in an effort to try his luck.

I was able to raise 4449 pounds from 228 members of the public so I can pursue my dream of becoming a railroad engineer.

The man now has more than just a job providing a steady paycheck.

It’s still my goal to become an aeronautical engineer, and this new step will help me achieve that goal.

The funds raised for the man enabled him to acquire the required credentials as well as a laptop, medical tests, and a variety of courses. He now has everything he needs to build the profession he once imagined.

I wanted to get back on my feet primarily for my kids. And that’s why I’m currently in school: to get employment and improve myself.

Since I started working for the railroad, things have started to alter. And I have an apartment that I rent.

Lawrence claims that Beam actually assisted him—and not just financially.

Sometimes all it takes to give you a boost is for someone to have faith in you.

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