Have a look at the house—a poor Chinese man built it from bamboo!

Even though China has one of the largest economies in the world, not all of its people can make ends meet.

Thanks to his creativity and knowledge, the poor Chinese man can now construct a home for himself.

It must be distinctive! Liu Lingchao, a Chinese resident, lost his job a few years ago.

He was unable to continue paying his rent. In order to care for him while things got better, Mr. Linchao lacked any friends or family.

Then he began collecting street-side bamboo and construction rubbish in order to construct his own portable residence.

One finds it strange that a house would look like a snail shell.

Liu can, however, wait out the storms and chilly days in peace thanks to it.

Although Liu’s “shell” is quite large, its bamboo construction makes it lightweight, portable, and does not require any particular tools to lift or transport.

As he is no longer bound to one place, the man finds it enjoyable.

That day, he learned how to travel up to 10 km, which will help him look for work.

The man envisions a moment when his capacity as a builder will be rendered useless and he won’t be able to settle down for an extended period of time.

But for now, he works various jobs to support himself while traveling around China.

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