What is actually going on between Angelina Jolie and the new boyfriend in her life?

The media started reporting that Angelina Jolie had started a new relationship as soon as news surfaced online the other day that the actress had been seen with a man with whom she had never before been seen.

An individual, who provided information to the magazine People, vehemently refuted this assertion.

It all began when Jolie was photographed by photographers while meeting with David Mayer de Rothschild, a member of a well-known family of wealthy financiers.

They were filmed in Malibu, where the celebs joined them for lunch at the well-known Nobu restaurant. And the duration of this lunch was three hours.

Many believed that Jolie and Rothschild then went on a romantic date. Supporters of this notion were disappointed to learn, however, that it was simply a business meeting, according to the insider.

The truth is that David is not just a successful businessman but also a fierce advocate for environmental protection. Together with giving captivating lectures on the subject, he also contributes a significant amount of money to environmental projects.

Jolie, who sees herself as a fierce protector of the environment, thought that Rothschild would fund the implementation of one of her suggestions. It hasn’t been feasible to determine whether she got the anticipated outcome so far. Only that David gallantly escorted Angelina to her car after lunch is known.

One person who has a good understanding of de Rothschild claims that there could not even be romantic discussion. Angelina is definitely not his type of gal, after all.

The 44-year-old billionaire thrill-seeker enjoys dating young, needy women. He has participated in expeditions to both the North and South Poles for fun.

Jolie, who is now 47, has long since stopped being that, focusing only on her career and raising her children. Angelina Pitt may not have a personal life now that she and Brad Pitt are no longer married.

In any case, none of her relationships—a string of dates with The Weeknd in 2021 and flirting with actor Paul Mescal earlier this year—became long-term.

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