New information about a scandalous relationship: Emily Ratajkowski abandoned her buddy for a kiss with Harry Styles…

The drama in the world of celebrity rumors is never-ending, and the most recent information regarding Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski has created quite a stir online.

The large community of Harry Styles supporters has been actively debating the hot topics that have been reported in the international media, particularly the contentious kiss between Styles and Ratajkowski.

Yet everyone is curious to know what Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend, thinks about this development.

According to sources close to the actress, Wilde wants to avoid this controversy since she has made a different decision for herself.

She and her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis have a shared language, and she is concentrating on her new life.

Reporters, however, appear to have forgotten that Wilde and Ratajkowski once shared a close bond.

At Harry Styles’ concert, they were spotted together. At the Oscar after-party, they posed next to one another and engaged in conversation the entire time.

In interviews, Emily brought up Olivia more than once in an effort to respect the actress’s personal space and dating preferences.

But, in light of this most recent development, discussing friendship is difficult.

Everyone agrees that Page Six journalists’ description of it as a total betrayal is accurate.

Sources said Ratajkowski is pleading with Wilde for mercy.

After swiftly realizing her error, Emily appeared to be only out to have fun and not to have any serious intentions toward Harry.

Insiders claim that the couple has ended their love relationship.

On the other hand, this situation does not surprise the fans.

They don’t see anything odd about the fact that Ratajkowski’s never-ending adventures produced such results.

Many people think that Emily Ratajkowski’s tragedy is merely another chapter in her life because she has a reputation for having an adventurous and carefree temperament.

On the other side, Harry Styles has always been a popular celebrity and has been involved in controversy.

But his supporters still adore him and stand by him.

Finally, the recent events in the lives of Olivia Wilde, Emily Ratajkowski, and Harry Styles have ignited the media.

Journalists, admirers, and those close to Wilde are not shocked by Ratajkowski’s activities, despite the fact that these people have claimed that Wilde wants to keep out of this issue.

This too shall pass, and the fans will continue to back their favorite actors through thick and thin, as is the case with most celebrity tragedies.

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