73-year-old Richard Gere posted a photo with his father and here is what they look like together…

Several of our heroes have reached the age of 70, and time moves quite rapidly. Richard Gere, an actor who used to be a girl’s best friend, just celebrated his 73rd birthday.

Last year, the actor’s father reached 100 years old. On his Instagram profile, Richard shared a picture of himself and his parent.

Followers commented on the actor’s and his father’s joint shot, praising it and wishing the elder good health. Some people observed that being a child at 73 is a source of enjoyment.

In April 2018, Richard wed for the third time. Alejandra Silva eventually married him.

By the way, Spain hosted their wedding. The couple’s children were born on February 11, 2019. There was a good boy born. Alexander was given to the infant in honor of his mother.

The significant age gap between the spouses first caused the supporters a great deal of concern, but eventually the uproar died down and the internet community accepted this union.

Do you approve of the actor’s recent marriage?

Let’s not overlook the actor’s father and wish him a long and healthy life.

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