You won’t believe the price of Robert Downey Jr.’s chewed gum up for auction on eBay…

If you have extra cash and have long been an Iron Man fan, stop everything right away and join the battle for a priceless trinket.

Putting jokes aside, the vendor of Downey’s chewing gum is genuinely certain that several collectors will vie for a piece that formerly belonged in the Hollywood star’s mouth.

Chewing gum from the actor was auctioned off for (pay note!) $40.000.

The man who was fortunate enough to discover such a treasure, according to the New York Post newspaper, placed it up for sale on eBay.

The supplier guarantees to ship the chewing gum in a plastic container to the buyer. He assures anyone who have doubts about the find’s veracity that, if necessary, a test for the actor’s DNA will be done to corroborate everything.

Naturally, the ability to return the items will be lost in this scenario.

Even the chewing gum, whose price is similar to a fortune, has a past.

Robert Downey Jr. adhered the used gum to his friend Jon Favreau’s star on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, according to the vendor (and there is proof of this).

Its current owner acknowledged that he was only passing by at the time and had no reluctance in picking it up due to his undeniable business spirit.

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