Three legends are in this photo… Check it out!

Three outstanding icons Kardashian, Lopez, and Winfrey snapped a group selfie, much to everyone’s delight.

The same dinner party welcomed these well-known and powerful Hollywood diva guests, who dazzled everyone in attendance with their stunning look.

The celebs met at the party, and it goes without saying that they both looked stunning. Jennifer selected a sensual look in a rich peignoir dress embellished with gold threads.

She accessorized her stunning appearance with pricey jewelry, including her engagement ring and exquisite earrings with stones.

She posed with K. Kardashian, 42, one of today’s most well-known and prosperous celebrities, whose brown strapless dress and stunning makeup caught everyone’s attention. She wore a high ponytail with her brunette hair.

O. Winfrey, who was wearing a lovely white shirt and a glittering brown coat, was a lucky person to meet the two superstars.

They look amazing!, “Let’s see how many plastic surgeries were performed here,” “Three legends in one picture,” and “The definition of perfection.”

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