55-year-old Julia Roberts got a new haircut and here is how she appears now…

As you are aware, spring is a season of rebirth. Julia Roberts unexpectedly altered her haircut as a result of her decision to experiment with her appearance.

Not all of the star’s fans, though, thought the new look was successful. New images of the renowned Beautiful Woman star in a fresh style were just published by Us magazine.

Julia arrived with long bangs and curls, as seen in the photographs shot in Geneva at the event for the Chopard brand, in whose advertising firm of watches she currently participates.

According to the publication, renowned stylist Serge Normant was the creator of Roberts’ new look.

On social media, he exhibited his work with pride. Yet, the actress’s fans’ response to her new appearance was everything but clear-cut, ranging from jubilation to vehement criticism.

Some of the actress’s fans weren’t really like of the celebrity’s hairdo.

For instance, one asked angrily, “What did she do to herself?!”

Someone else noted how drastically changed the actress had become.

Julia didn’t appear to be at all embarrassed by this response, though. since she is currently quite happy for numerous reasons. First off, after experiencing a marital crisis, the actress managed to mend fences with her husband, Daniel Moder.

But there were persistent rumors about their impending divorce a few years back. The couple did, however, successfully commemorate their marriage’s tenth anniversary last year.

Roberts is also now completely organized in both her personal and professional lives.

The 55-year-old actress is still a successful performer in movies. Most recently, the romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise, starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney, was released, much to the joy of her fans.

In addition, Julia has aggressively refilled her family’s budget in recent years by spending money on both movies and participating in luxury brands’ advertising campaigns, for which she receives very high fees.

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