Due to her sickness, the girl lost her hair, but she is not deterred. Because not everyone has the courage, the sister was able to encourage her…

The girl lost her hair due to a protracted sickness, but she did not have time to grow a complex as a result. Her beloved sister, who cut off her own locks as a symbol of solidarity, forbade her from being upset.

A girl by the name of Mila and her younger sister Gaby shared a video on their Instagram page on March 26. The girl had had cancer for a long time, and chemotherapy treatments did their job; as a result, she lost all of her hair and started to feel unhappy.

Mila prevented Gaby from giving up when she started to call herself unattractive and finally drove herself to tears.

When the video was taken, Mila had already cut her hair, and her sister was sobbing next to her as she could not control her emotions.

It was difficult and terrible, so I can’t say that everything that happened was simple. But I did it for Gaby, not any of you or for myself. I cherish you with every fiber of my being. You do a damn good job of fighting sickness.

Even if you are bald, you still manage to be the cutest sister since hair does not create a person. I worry about every struggle you go through because I love you so much. I made a commitment to follow through because that’s what sisters do.

The girl claimed that after her bald sister called herself scary, she decided to shave off her hair. She then decided to go further and started shaving off her eyebrows.

Please allow me to demonstrate. Who cares, Gaby, it’s pointless? Mila shaved off her eyebrow and remarked, “I don’t care, I love you, you’re wonderful.”

Gaby was taken aback by her sister’s behavior and could no longer contain her tears.

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