This woman gave birth to eight babies… Here is how they live and what they look like after 12 years…

In 2009, the tale of a woman who gave birth to eight children at once made headlines all over the world and generated controversy in the medical community.

The woman, Nadya Suleman, often known as “Octomom,” rose to fame following her miraculous delivery.

All eight newborns survived despite being delivered early, and a week after giving birth, they broke a global record.

Nadya Suleman spent a lot of time in the spotlight after becoming a single mother to eight children.

While some individuals disapproved of her decision, others admired her for her bravery and determination.

Yet, the Suleman family is currently doing well more than 12 years later.

Nadya, who suffered with fertility and tried to conceive while she was married but was unsuccessful, was helped to have numerous children without a husband thanks to IVF treatment and a fertility specialist named Michael Kamvara.

As a result of the controversy surrounding Nadya’s pregnancy, Kamvara was afterwards expelled from a medical organization, it is known. It’s unclear exactly what information led to her choice.

This brave woman continued in attempting to have children despite having reproductive issues.

She had a son in 2001, then a daughter the following year.

She had a total of six children by the time she was 30 years old, including twins, with two daughters and four sons.

She has kept a low profile ever since the birth of her children, so neither the general public is aware of her current living situation or appearance.

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