The nurse woke up with a baby daughter despite not being pregnant…

American Sylvia Leroy and her husband Jeffrey reared their baby Jeremiah, now three, and enjoyed a happy marriage. There were no conception issues when the couple chose to have another kid. Leroy was fully aware of her pregnancy.

In the end of March 2020, already in the final stage of her pregnancy, the woman was admitted to the health clinic of the University Hospital in Brownsville, where she worked as a nurse.

There, medical professionals intended to keep an eye on the expectant mother’s health and get her ready for delivery.

Yet instead of aiding, the American became ill. The symptoms started out modest, but quickly started to get worse. Sylvia was sent to a different hospital and fitted with a ventilator.

The gadget was already turned off by mid-April as the woman started to gradually get better, but it turned out that the worst was still to come. Leroy started spontaneous breathing a few days before her heart stopped.

The hospital’s policies said that the doctors had to save the child first, so Sylvia was rushed to the operating room where the surgeon assisted in the birth of baby Esther. It took just over eight minutes for her mother’s resuscitation efforts to continue.

This is where cognitive alterations can start to occur because of a shortage of oxygen. If someone merely doubles in age after losing consciousness, then Sylvia’s situation ended up being more difficult.

Doctors noticed almost once that Sylvia’s brain had suffered catastrophic damage from a prolonged lack of oxygen, which had a negative impact on practically everything, from her motor skills to her short-term memory.

One thing that the physicians did not anticipate was that things would end up being significantly worse. Moreover, short-term memory was impacted. Her sister Liqing told Leroy the good news when he awoke.

“Sylvia, you were unwell, you gave birth to a kid, but you did amazing with everything, remember?” I said to her.

She simply shook her head in answer, Litsin remarked.

Sylvia was skeptical of what she heard because it later found out that she has no memory of being pregnant or intending to have a second child.

The woman had a protracted period of rehabilitation and attempts to re-learn how to live independently ahead of her. Money given through GoFundMe by kind people made a difference in this.

Leroy’s family has noticed improvement even though she is still unable to walk.

She has started to move her arms and recognize people, and on July 30, doctors even gave the go-ahead for her to return home, where they believe the comfort of her familiar surroundings will aid in her recovery of her short-term memory.

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