Monica Bellucci was discreetly photographed by paparazzi; the attractive star seemed to be in love…

Despite the fact that Monica Bellucci will turn 59 this year, she still appears stunning.

With age, the Italian actress gains in attractiveness. The Hollywood diva asserts that femininity, which comes with maturity and life experience, rather than beauty, is what defines beauty.

“I accept myself for who I am, as well as the reality that perfection does not exist, thus I do not strive for it,” she says, not hiding the fact that she does not strive for an ideal, does not exhaust herself with exercise, and simply despises diets.

The fashion of Bellucci is a another matter. One may characterize the star looks’ attire as elegant and just carefree chic.

When Monica was caught by the paparazzi at the airport the other day, she had no idea that she was being captured. The celebrity wore a stylish black suit that would look great in any wardrobe.

Yet, what mattered most was that her fans had observed how much cuter and younger she had grown.

Tim Burton’s relationship with Monica came to light in February. It turns out that the famous pair had been dating since last fall.

The couple was seen kissing in public around the end of February. And given that neither of them is a teenager anymore, it is clear that their relationship is quite serious.

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