Because of their passion for wearing eye-catching, costly clothing, Nicolas Cage and his wife gained notoriety…

59-year-old Nicolas Cage is back in the spotlight because he enjoys wearing flashy, costly clothing.

The inaugural showing of “Renfield,” a comedy “horror” starring Nicolas Cage in which Nicolas played Count Dracula himself, took place recently in New York.

And Cage, who attended the premiere of his new role as an actor, was able to catch everyone’s attention.

Moreover, Cage’s 29-year-old wife Riko Shibata, who attended the event with him, displayed exquisite flair and taste. The newspaper Page Six reported on this.

Nicholas wore a stunning, although some could argue too catchy, costume to the premiere. He wore a black jacket with tiny sequins throughout, black shirt, and pants with a black-and-white zebra design.

His wife also showed up for the function wearing an asymmetrical dress with an exposed shoulder.

A zebra design was also added to the upper portion of her garment by combining translucent and black stripes. Her slim body, which she has already managed to regain despite giving birth so recently, was highlighted by a colored velvet belt.

Shibata neatly backed her husband’s main theme with her attire, as the admirers agreed, on the one hand. On the other hand, she did it in a very stealthy manner. Nicholas consequently attracted the most attention.

Remember how Riko gave birth to a daughter for Cage in September of the previous year? Her name was August Francesca.

The baby’s arrival made Cage incredibly happy. He has two adult sons from previous relationships.

Weston, the oldest, was born to him by Christina Fulton, a longtime lover. The youngest, Kal-El, was a product of his third ex-marriage to Alice Kim.

Cage, though, fervently desired having a second kid with Riko Shibata. He really desired a daughter.

And Riko, who is already a celebrity’s sixth wife, was able to realize his goal.
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