The woman made the decision to live the life of Barbie, but it was a real surprise…

A woman from England made the decision to dress in pink to emulate Barbie in real life. She has pink hair, clothing, accessories, a car, and interior decor. Her husband is very supportive of everything she does. The local newspaper was intrigued by the “alive doll” tale.

On April 3, 2019, an article about a woman from the village of Linton who, well, really likes pink was published in the British daily Derbyshire Live.

She conducts pet auctions, goes by the name of Sally Owen, and is 48 years old. Around five years ago, Sally and her partner, 51-year-old bus driver Jason Dodds, made the decision to fully remodel their house. The woman’s love for pink soon came out in all its splendor.

Speaking to reporters, Sally said that she has always had a soft spot for a certain color. In addition, her favorite singer is Pink.

Simply said, I have always adored this hue. I pondered, “Why not?” particularly considering Jason didn’t mind.

Yet, the issue did not just affect one of the house’s exterior facades. What Sally done to her van is shown here.

Its appearance was not the only thing changed. The mobile home appears just as bright inside.

Jason is a huge advocate for Sally’s love of pink. Last Christmas, the man gave her the nicest present imaginable for someone with such tastes, putting his words into action. Sally now drives a chic pink Mazda MX5. Also, Sally acknowledged that Jason enjoys the color pink.

Pink poses no issues for him. I even get the impression that he’s started to fall in love with him. He is dressed in a lot of pink. It appears that we are a family. Our house makes the whole area brighter, and I don’t see a problem with it.

Sally was promptly given the moniker Pinky by her neighbors. The men’s home does stand out from the others and draw attention, but the woman herself doesn’t seem to mind.

All of this draws attention, particularly from kids, and people park in front of the house to take pictures with it as the background. I was aware of that even before they knocked to get my consent, but I wasn’t bothered. It makes me happier too if it makes other folks happy.

By the way, Sally herself does not hide the fact that she has essentially evolved into a living embodiment of the doll, which is how the parallel with Barbie in this story came about. Just take a look at the clothing she is wearing to be certain.

Users of social media did not ignore the Sally and Jason story. Of course, not everyone has this woman’s taste in music.

Illustrated instructions on how to use a few buckets of paint to severely devalue your home.

Nevertheless though some individuals preferred Sally’s concept.

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