You wouldn’t guess from her lovely face that she has such a figure…

And it can here! Meet Maggie Mae Russell, an Australian fitness model and well-known bodybuilder. Maggie, who is 20 years old, has made significant improvements to her physical appearance.

Don’t assume that this is how her physique always looks. The young woman is currently getting ready for the significant World Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion championship that she hopes to win.

Every hour of Maggie’s day is meticulously planned out. Her daily routine must include a four-hour intensified training session; this is how the relief is made evident.

The fit model reveals that she works out with weights six days a week and does cardio twice a day. The girl carefully examined her diet to become a global champion. She cut out all foods with carbs. All of the foods in the diet are veggies and high-protein foods.

She takes in a total of 1,000 calories every day. Of course, consuming so little calories while exerting so much energy can result in major health issues. Maggie, however, does not always adhere to this regimen; she made these sacrifices solely before the championship in an effort to convert extra fat mass into muscles.

On Instagram, Maggie has more than 19,000 followers with whom she voluntarily shares new photos and accomplishments as she gets ready for the tournament. “How can I be happy? Quit comparing yourself to others, she exhorts on her social media page.

One postcard with the words “When one flower grows next to another, it does not compare itself with a neighbor, but simply blooms” can be seen among her photographs.

The image on the left shows May 2015, and the one on the right shows October 2015. Maggie accomplished just astounding achievements in less than six months.

A young Australian woman’s muscular, toned form is admired by some, while others find it unsightly and believe that the female body should not be that way. how many individuals, so many viewpoints

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