Margot Robbie changed her hair color to brunette and closely resembles young Angelina Jolie…

30-year-old For good reason, Margot Robbie is regarded as one of the world’s most attractive women.

Fans were shocked to see Margo as a brunette in recent images taken by Hollywood reporters. Simply put, the star was unrecognizable.

Robbie’s dark hair, I have to admit, is really appropriate despite this peculiar image, making her look brighter and more beautiful.

After her image makeover, some people even compared the actress to a young Angelina Jolie. And it’s true that these celebrities now have a connection.

Others were concerned: why was the image changing so drastically? For instance, is Robbie about to file for divorce from Tom Ackerley?

After all, it is common knowledge that when a girl makes a change to her appearance, her personal life may also be changing.

With Robbie’s family, everything is quite fine.

And she changed her hair color to brunette in order to appear in a new David O. Russell historical drama that has yet to be given a title.

Although who knows, Margo might decide to keep her current hair color after filming since it actually suits her well.

Which actress do you consider to be the best?

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