It’s challenging to identify Maggie from “The Thorn Birds”: At the age of 65, Rachel Ward, a legendary actress, looks like this…

This is an uncommon video demonstrating the evolution of Maggie from “The Thorn Birds.”

Future movie star Rachel Ward always wanted to be an actress despite being raised in a traditional, unimaginative, and aristocratic family.

She went to Hollywood to realize a long-held desire, despite her parents’ disapproval of her decision.

After a few little roles, she became more popular as a model, and modeling agencies couldn’t resist her extraordinary beauty and charisma. She unquestionably possessed every requirement for a flourishing modeling career.

Imagine how delighted Ward must have been to learn that she would play Maggie Cleary when she was later granted a role in “The Thorn Birds”. Despite her confusion and extreme fear of suffering, she hurried to accept the challenge.

Not only was her future love breathlessly waiting for her, but also great success and amazing career heights. On the set, she ran into Luke O’Neill. They fell in love right away and later wed.

One of the most admirable families in Hollywood, the couples are still completely inseparable and have two gorgeous children.

The exemplary couple has been married for 35 years.

The Thorn Birds is perhaps the character that the renowned actress is best known for, but she has played a variety of other roles in movies.

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