Barbra Streisand’s words of wisdom for individuals who worry about aging…

I’ll respond with a laugh if you ask me whether I’m terrified of aging: “Of course I am! In my twenties, I appeared better than I do today.

But, that is unrelated to genuine dread. I watched a video about a psychotherapist who was sought out by 25-year-old girls who had their first facial wrinkle or gray hair.

They were so plagued by this concept that they believed they were elderly women and refused to go on dates, let alone have children.

They had the impression that when they woke up the following day, their arms and backs would not budge. Youth has passed, and life after youth is not real. This diagnosis of “phobia” is significant and has to be addressed.

Naturally, all other ladies perceive that time dulls their blush and freshness, but they do not become upset.

Everything will work out, as they say. The time when your own children and grandchildren admire your food is different from the time when you hear compliments from males. Both are not interchangeable.

Many become depressed when they realize they are reaching a critical age—40, 50, or 60 (everyone’s age varies). How old you are doesn’t really matter.

When you first woke up, that is already a source of happiness.

You ought to be grateful to God for each day you have. Why even live if you’re frightened of birthdays?

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