Lopez and Affleck’s “intense kisses in front of millions” completely captured everybody’s attention on the Red Carpet…

It came as a major surprise to see how much love Lopez and her husband displayed on the Red Carpet.

The relationship between J. Lopez and her husband B. Affleck is the subject of rumors and hearsay.

The iconic couple demonstrated to the world that their love endured despite everything. Affleck’s attitude of indifference has become a meme, though.

Possibly for this reason, the couple recently shown genuine love and affection by sharing a kiss in front of millions of people.

The famous spouses caught everyone’s extra close attention while walking the Red Carpet.

They ended up being present at the premiere of the man’s role in the film “Air.” He also needed to draw attention to his wife’s stunning features.

She picked out a yellow skirt and a shiny top. What’s more, the man was dressed in a dark blue suit.

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