Check out the controversial images of Monica Bellucci’s daughter that have drawn criticism…

Deva Cassel posed for a well-known glossy publication. The 18-year-old model donned obscene clothing.

The Italian actress Monica Bellucci’s daughter took part in the Wonderland Magazine photo session. For renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth, she posed.

Elen spent eleven years working as a model before becoming well-known for photographing Claudia Schiffer for a Guess commercial. Adriana Lima is an inspiration for Ellen. Her work focuses primarily on femininity.

Kassel altered a number of the photos throughout this shoot. She then put on a set of underwear, consisting of a top and bottoms that were heavily florally embellished.

After that, the 18-year-old model donned a white bodysuit and stockings to match. Her waist was enhanced by the corset. Her locks were decorated with white ribbons. While chewing on a chocolate pretzel, she was posed.

Additionally, the model came out wearing more fitted attire. She was dressed in white, with a fluffy hem that fell above her knees.

She paired the ensemble with black leather gloves, a mask, and dresses-color golf balls.

The final appearance was cabaret-inspired. Kassel arrived wearing a light fluffy skirt, stockings, and high platform sandals while wearing a black corset.

Several were looking at the actress as she stood on a table.

Kassel posed for Wonderland Magazine wearing Dior clothing and Cartier jewelry, according to the magazine’s editors.

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