Ashley Graham showed her real photos with no retouching and here is how she looks…

plus-size model Ashley Graham (age is 33) is a passionate advocate for body positivity; she is not ashamed to display her cellulite, stretch marks, or unshaven underarms for her Instagram fans.

Also, the celebrity shared a close-up selfie the day before. The cause was Ashley’s perfectly formed eyebrows, which she was eager to show off to her 12 million fans.

Graham signed the picture with, “I have no reason to share this, other than that my eyebrows look fantastic,” which doesn’t need confidence.

Yet, observant users found tiny rashes and acne scars that even makeup could not cover. The same holds true for the model’s face’s greasy sheen.

As luck would have it, there were significantly more good comments than negative ones under the post. “Your makeup is really stunning,”

Attractive eyebrows are a fantastic cause to post, “Ashley, you are lovely,” “Not only do your eyebrows look good, but the rest of your face looks good.”

By the way, Ashley is not the only person who doesn’t think twice to upload up-close pictures of her face. Ashley Graham therefore published a rare unaltered selfie.

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