You can’t really believe how Joan Collins looked before the age of 89…

The star of “Tales from the Crypt,” “American Horror Story,” “Dynasty,” and other well-known movies and TV shows appears to have discovered the fountain of youth. There is absolutely no other way to explain her new image.

Joan Collins, 89, posted the brand-new photo on Instagram yesterday. It was taken by her fifth husband at the time, Percy Gibson, a 58-year-old actor from Peru.

I’m seeking for a wisteria that blooms only in the spring, according to the caption below the picture.

The comments under the stunning photo were immediately flooded with ecstatic fans. The first one says, “Oh my Goodness, what power does she have to look like this a month before her 90th birthday?”

The second compliments, “You are aging backwards.” The third adds, “Even accounting for the filters and the wig, there is some type of sorcery involved, not otherwise.

And we can’t help but share the actress’s admirers’ joy.

We have a wonderful example of mature happiness in front of us, and we wish everyone the same.

Yet some girls three times younger might gain from Joan’s lack of confidence. Many of us are hesitant to upload pictures of ourselves in bikinis. Nonetheless, Collins, 89, is happy to pose in the pool.

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