Instead of inviting his girlfriend, this guy took his mom to prom…

Nassir, an 18-year-old from Pennsylvania, invited his mother to the party rather than a young lady.

Fatima had to skip her graduation a while back because she was still a half-year pregnant at the time.

You informed me that you skipped the prom because you were expecting me and decided it would be wiser to save the money for a loft, Nassir reflected.

My youngster admitted that there is currently an opportunity to fulfill my mother’s fantasy of attending the school ball.

Fatima wrote on Instagram after receiving her child’s greeting: “at that point I realized that I had brought him up flawlessly.”

The couple wore specially made clothes to the ball. Nasir is dressed in a dark suit with sleeves that have a material comparable to that of Fatima’s long green dress.

A stir was started by the mother and child, and pictures of them quickly appeared everywhere as well as in local media.

«Congratulations on attending the prom and, more importantly, on raising a remarkable child. It was flawless! Another person said, “I’m so happy for you.”

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