This lady got 27 injections to look like this but here is how she appeared before…

Nowadays, all it takes to become a freak is to shell out a lot of cash to surgeons, who will actually make anyone freakish.

We have Instagram diva’s who believe that dumplings instead of lips are attractive, as well as orcs, aliens, and countless others.

Andera Ivanova is a girl who has recently attained the position of a freak and has a very flamboyant appearance.

Naturally, you can’t call her Barbie, but it’s obvious that she’s lost some of her humanity.

She was able to alter many parts of her anatomy, including her breasts, buttocks, and a few extra ribs for the waist. However, lips are the most detrimental.

Andera needed 27 injections to achieve the desired size and form. The Guinness Book of Records is her target.

Her “pre-freaky” images have been discovered by fans who are persuaded that she was once 100 times more endearing and delightful.

What do you think, then? Is it appropriate to go things so far as to ruin your attractive face?

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