Jessica Simpson inspired her admirers by losing weight and showing her new figure in a colorful swimsuit…

Three years have passed since Jessica displayed a dramatic weight decrease.

After the singer’s third child was born, this took place. She continued by saying that she had shed at least 45 kg.

Since then, the star’s followers have been intently analyzing each of her fresh images. Most people concur that Jessica has not only not gained any weight back in three years, but she is also losing weight at an increasing rate.

The Daily Mail’s publication of recent images of Simpson, 42, is additional proof of this.

According to the British edition, Jessica appears thinner than ever when wearing leather pants and a short, almost school-style jacket. At the New York airport, paparazzi took pictures of Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson.

Fans post comments on the singer’s social media accounts urging the celebrity to put on weight because they feel the singer’s extreme thinness is unflattering.

The Daily Mail cites a member of Simpson’s inner circle who is generally in support of the supporters.

She is covered in clothing, and her cheekbones are depressed. She no longer even resembles the person she once was. Jessica is naturally curvy. It doesn’t fit her to be that thin, and this is unhealthy thinness, the source claims.

In the 2000s, Jessica Simpson excelled in Hollywood. The blonde beauty was regarded as one of the sexiest stars and even Britney Spears’ competitor in the pop world.

Jessica put on weight following the birth of her three children (the youngest, from football star Eric Johnson, was born in 2019) because, in the words of the singer, she “ate everything and couldn’t stop.”

She eventually got herself together, altered her diet, and drastically reduced her weight.

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