Sandra Bullock came up with an innovative strategy to convince Brad Pitt to appear in her movie…

Sandra Bullock eventually delivered The Lost City’s long-awaited debut at the end of March of last year.

Given that Brad Pitt played one of the roles, fans eagerly anticipated the release of this film. He also portrayed a persona that was typical of himself: a hero-savior with a laconic demeanor that drives practically all ladies crazy.

Sandra opened up about working on the movie and said that Brad might not have even been in it in the Australian program The Project.

To get Pitt to appear in her movie, Bullock had to utilize deception.

It all began when Sandra was approached to star in his film Bullet Train by Janine Thompson, a hairstylist for both actresses. Of course, she agreed to help out a friend of her coworker.

Bullock, however, turned right away to Thompson and urged Pitt to do the same for her.

There is nothing unexpected. Hairdressers actually control Hollywood. They own the entire authority, Sandra told reporters.

She also underlined that everyone on the set followed a set of ground rules.

Keep in mind that The Lost City is an adventure comedy.

The “Harry Potter” star, an eccentric villain, was not well received by the majority of viewers, nevertheless.

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