VIDEO: Teenage Wrestling Hero Foils Kidnapper, Rescues Children in Daring Gas Station Rescue

A teenage wrestler successfully stopped a kidnapper and rescued two children from a gas station abduction incident. It all began when a mother and her three kids were waiting outside Chuck’s Gas Station in Las Cruces, New Mexico, for an Uber. The mother noticed a stranger staring at them, and soon after, the stranger attempted to take one of her children.

In response, the family quickly rushed back inside the gas station, with the man chasing after them. Fortunately, a 16-year-old wrestler named Canaan Bower witnessed the commotion and immediately intervened. Using his wrestling skills, Canaan swiftly brought the culprit down to the ground and held him there until help arrived. The entire ordeal lasted less than five minutes, but for Canaan, it felt like an eternity.

Canaan expressed concern about the possibility of the kidnapper having a weapon, but his determination to protect others outweighed his own safety. Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, along with mixed martial arts champions Henry Cejudo and Jorge Masvidal, praised Canaan as a hero. Furthermore, he received the USA Wrestling Athlete of the Week award for his courageous actions.

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