Thousands of People Are Inspired by a Teen Who Was Bullied for Her Appearance… But Now…

Lots of people all over the world are inspired by the incredibly gifted dancer Lizzy Howell. It’s not just because of her dancing, but also how she’s handled all the criticism.

Lizzy Howell is an excellent dancer, but because of her height, she has frequently been targeted by bullies. Things took a dramatic turn when a video of her dancing went viral, and she was subjected to vicious online humiliation.

There were numerous instances that Lizzy wanted to give up, but after going viral online, she understood that she could never give in to trolls and hateful comments since she was an inspiration to those who didn’t fit the mold for their hobbies, like dance, and that she was a role model for them.

This victimized adolescent is speaking up now and is getting noticed more for her talent than for her appearance.

Watch the video below!

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