88-year-old dancer dazzles judges with age-defying performance…

The judges and viewers of America’s Got Talent were recently enthralled by the “surprise” performance of an 88-year-old exotic dancer during an audition. As the oldest burlesque performer in the country, Penny was regarded as a national treasure.

Florida’s Palm Bay is where Penny Starr Sr. is from. She had red, white, and blue feathers on when she entered the AGT stage.

Penny responded that she was a widow and had six husbands when Simon asked whether she was single. The candidate was questioned by the media mogul if she would be open to getting married a seventh time. Yes, but it takes time to get them open, she replied.

Penny opened with the song “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” The old woman’s decision to take her clothes off one at a time impressed the four judges. In appreciation for the performance, host Terry Crews showered the stage with red, white, and blue confetti.

The 88-year-old candidate received a standing ovation from Sofia Vergara, who also told her, “Penny, I want to be you when I grow older. Former Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum praised Penny.

The senior dancer’s sass caught Simon’s attention, and he started to flirt with her. However, he followed up with a risky query that would determine Penny’s AGT fate. If you were to proceed, would you take off more clothing? the media mogul questioned the contestant. The vivacious senior responded by saying she would without a doubt.

I want to see more! Judge Howie Mandel exclaimed at that point. Penny received a 4 yes’s.

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