On a British dance contest, a deaf dancer receives loud cheers from the judges and the audience…

On the TV show The Greatest Dancer, an inspirational deaf dancer receives a standing ovation. Chris Fonseca, 28, has always loved dancing, but many people weren’t sure he had what it required to pursue his goal.

Due to meningitis, Chris lost his hearing at the age of just 23 months. However, thanks to his hearing aid, this incredible young man can dance by sensing the vibrations and faint sounds. Chris was ready to perform on The Greatest Dancer after his younger brother gave a lovely introduction.

In this brand-new program, dancers of all ages and styles fight for cash prizes and the opportunity to be on Strictly Come Dancing. The dancer is initially obscured by a wall. The audience is given the ability to vote on the audition as they begin to perform. The mirrored wall will open, and the dancer advances to the next round if more than 75% of the crowd loves them. Chris strutted his hip-hop moves to Drake’s “God’s Plan.”

The mirror opened up just as he began his routine, and this amazing dancer received a standing ovation. The performance moved Judge Matthew Morrison, who said, “I dance personally because I’m inspired by the music. Additionally, as someone who cannot hear music, I found you to be quite musical. You developed your own sound. What a wonderful opportunity for this gifted dancer, and I can’t wait to watch what he does next.

Here is the video:

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