A mom gave birth to Siamese twins and here is how they look 7 years after they git separated!

The information that the twins Angela Formosa was carrying shared the same intestines came as a huge shock to her. However, English doctors were able to pull off a miraculous operation: the separation of the newborn Siamese twins was successful.

The physicians informed me early on that the two fetuses were fairly close to one another. The twins were joined between the sixteenth and twentieth weeks of my pregnancy, according to a specific scan I got. I can’t even convey how astonished I was and upset,” adds Angela Formosa.

The idea that Angela and Daniel, a London taxi driver, would be required to raise Siamese twins sounded somewhat like bolt from the blue because they already have a five-year-old daughter named Lily who was born in perfect health.

“When they were born, we had no idea what to anticipate. The parents of the twins recall with dread that the physicians did not specify exactly how the girls were connected.

Pediatric surgeons Agostino Pierro and Edward Keely from Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the best hospitals for treating Siamese twins, have consented to operate to separate the infants.

It’s true, as the experts quickly cautioned: there is a slim possibility that the infants would live. Doctors agreed that the kids should be born a month ahead of schedule in order to retain at least a 50% chance of survival.

When Rosie and Rabi were born, it was discovered that their intestines shared a portion that was not functional and that they were joined at the navel. The infants arrived at the operating room table a few hours after birth since they required an immediate surgery.

The survival of the newborn girls was not guaranteed, yet the surgeons accomplished the impossibility. “We are quite happy with the procedure’s results. The youngsters will require treatment in the future, but we anticipate that they will eventually be able to live normal, happy lives, said Professor Pierrot in his conclusion.

The 12-week-old newborns Rosie and Rabi were saved, and their parents are overjoyed that they may now live quietly at home. They are growing and doing well, according to Angela. They are typical, active kids who smile and cry when they’re unhappy.

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