This 2-year-old baby performs at “The Voice” and look at what the judges say!

When Rebecca Selley performed “Let It Go” with mentor Kelly Rowland at her blind audition, her baby JJ and the performance went viral. Did you know it had, I believe, 10 million views? They posted my video, followed by my son’s video, she says.

“I had hoped he could sing in tune.” But the fact that he sang alongside Kelly was what really made me happy. She said, “I loved this moment!” Will the expecting mother be pleased that her son will be working in the entertainment business full-time?

She admits, “I’d always had my doubts about the industry, particularly since it was so nascent. Sally, 34, will not protest if her son gets her singing ability.

Although he likes to sing and dance, this might be a turning point for him. But if he likes it and is excellent at it, I will unquestionably support him and provide him with the best guidance I can.

Watch the video below!

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