He has six children, and for his incredible singing performance, he was awarded Simon Cowell’s gold button… Video attached!

When father and singer Michael Ketterer surprised the globe by sharing his personal story and after demonstrating his musical abilities on the American Got Talent stage, America fell in love with him. In addition to managing a Christian musical company and artist collective, Michael is a pediatric nurse in California who his colleagues adore.

He and his wife, Ivey are the parents of six kids, five of whom were adopted from foster care. The wife and children of this father of six children enjoy listening to him sing, and he shares his musical talent and religion with them. He selected a slow, deep rendition of “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees for his Got Talent audition.

The judges and the audience were intrigued by Michael’s performance as they listened carefully to his deep, rich voice. After Michael completed singing, Simon Cowell, the most critical judge, gave him some guidance.

However, neither Michael nor anybody else anticipated Simon to say or act as he did. When judges encounter particular vocalists during auditions, according to Simon, they either look for a very technically accurate performance or an engaging and pertinent audition.

“For me, there are times when it’s about being unexpected and real. Although I was concerned for you, I believe that sometimes deeds speak louder than words. After that, Simon stood up, leaving everyone, even Michael, speechless at what he had just done. You won’t believe what Simon did to Michael in the video below, so watch it now and get ready to be amazed.

Here is the video:

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