Take a look at this baby who was born without a nose…

With one exception—Tessa Evans was born without a nose—she is a typical young woman.

The medical word for this condition, aplasia, is the absence of a normal organ or body component at birth.

The oddity has only ever been documented in exactly 47 cases in the UK, making it highly uncommon.

The youngster is now eight years old. Despite the ultrasound, the couple was informed that their child might have a somewhat flat face profile.

Their choice to keep the baby did not constitute an abortion. Additionally, they took a while to come to terms with the fact that their child would be born without a nose.

As a result of the absence of her sinuses, Tessa may still catch a cold or cough. However, this is but a small portion of the problems that the family as a whole must deal with.

She was diagnosed with cardiac issues in her 11th week of life after a botched cataract removal procedure left her blind in one eye.

To be able to breathe while eating, the kid required a tracheostomy.

The kid’s nose will be surgically reshaped. A newborn’s nose should develop at the same rate as the rest of the body.

Despite facing several challenges, the child nonetheless has a positive outlook on life.

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